What Should Liverpool Be Aiming For Next Season

What Should Liverpool Be Aiming For Next Season

With the 2015/16 Premier League season over and Leicester City crowned champions, it’s time to start looking ahead for Liverpool fans, instead of wondering what could have been.  If the Europa League final turned out differently, the 8th place finish in the Premier League would have been acceptable but in truth, it was not a great finish, to a season which started to promise much more.

However, the 2016/17 Premier League season, will give Jurgen Klopp a full summer and pre-season, to get things right and this can only mean an improvement will be seen.  It’s difficult to predict exactly what Klopp will do in the transfer market but Liverpool cannot afford to sign players who do not improve the team.  Having a good squad is important but it’s the starting XI which really needs improving.

In any case, Klopp will be aiming to see the biggest improvement on the training ground.  In many respects, not having European football could help in terms of Liverpool’s Premier League chances.  The likes of Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Leicester and Manchester United will all have additional matches to play in mid-week, Liverpool will not.  So with that in mind, next season is the perfect time to mount a serious title push.

Whatever happens in the transfer window, Leicester have shown that buying big name players is not always the way forward.  Good scouting can bring rewards and Klopp knows the German league very well.  A player may not be well known in England but could still improve the starting XI.

Many former players and pundits have spoken about how a top four finish would be a good result next season.  No, Liverpool should be aiming higher than that.  Hasn’t last season taught these ‘experts’ anything?  A good system, with good players, who believe in the way they are being asked to play, can take a team far and Klopp is the type of manager who can bring those ingredients to the table.  The German will have so much time to put his ideas across, in the build up to and during next season, the players will have no excuse for not taking them on-board.  Liverpool should be aiming to finish top of the Premier League next season and there is no reason to think otherwise.

If the club do finish in the top four, say third for example, that will bring Champions League football the following season, which is great.  However, it will still feel like an opportunity missed, to do better than that and win the Premier League for the very first time.  The majority of Liverpool fans, would probably take a Premier League title over the Champions League and that says it all.

The 2016/17 Premier League season should not be seen as an opportunity to finish in the top four.  It’s an opportunity to push for the Premier League title.  Look where Chelsea finished in the Premier League last season.  Will they be aiming for the Premier League title?  Of course they will and so should Liverpool. 

Jurgen Klopp will be telling his players they can win the Premier League title and it’s up to the fans to show the same belief, come the start of the 2016/17 Premier League season.