Home Editor's Column Liverpool Have Two Important Pre-season Games Left Against Barcelona And Mainz

Liverpool Have Two Important Pre-season Games Left Against Barcelona And Mainz

Liverpool Have Two Important Pre-season Games Left Against Barcelona And Mainz

Manager Jurgen Klopp is confident that the Reds are more prepared for the coming season and is happy with his team’s preparation. The players look fit and with each pre-season game look stronger, by playing the way the manager likes his team to play, pressing and rushing the opponents into making mistakes.

Klopp believes the squad he has now will be able to fight for the league title, with no European distractions. However, the manager has not given up on adding to his squad. Liverpool will need cover for the left-back position, a well-documented problem position for the reds. 

The next two games for Liverpool before the Premier League season opener against Arsenal will be against Barcelona and Mainz which will be a strong test for the Reds.

Speaking after the game against Roma Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com

“You saw, it’s hard, today was the first game for Emre [Can] and obviously not too good, but we all know he can play football!”

“It’s because of different intensities, how it felt for different players. So we need to use these two weeks to bring all this together and then find a formation for the first game, then find one for the second game.

“It was good what we could do here, we could train a lot, the club gave us perfect circumstances so that we could be concentrated on work, so that’s what we did.

“Even if you saw nothing of it tonight! But really we trained, I promise!”

“Sometimes it’s better that you lose when you know why you lose than you win and you have no idea why you won,” said Klopp.

“Today it was clear, the first half was a good beginning and then completely wild because [in] each kind of formation, there were big spaces between all players, the last line was too deep, and the space between the last line and the midfield was too big! The gaps between the players [were] too big – I could have played there.

“The first half could have been 6-5 for whoever, but I hate games like this! We have a lot of quality in offence and we will score, no doubt about this, as long as we create chances everything is good.

“But the problem is that each offensive action of Roma was a chance, and most of them [big] chances, that makes absolutely no sense.

“Tired legs, wet heat, really difficult today, but that’s not allowed. Now we fly home, but I will not forget this game until we meet next time, because of course, we have to talk about this.

“I didn’t like the body language around 1-0, it’s okay you can play bad, but today it was obvious why we played bad; no organisation, no discipline.”

“I would like to see that it never happens, but it’s better today than in two weeks,” he insisted.

“So we still have two weeks, we shouldn’t forget, we worked really hard, I know all this. I understand that they were tired today, but when you are tired you need to be compact.

“When you are tired, it’s not allowed that it’s so easy for the opponent to play through. That’s not okay but I understand, we did a lot in difficult circumstances and everybody knew after the game we fly home so maybe not everyone is 100 per cent concentrated.