Captain Fantastic And Legend Steven Gerrard Would Love Liverpool Return

Steven Gerrard

With manager, Jurgen Klopp, seemingly turning Liverpool’s season around, there is little need to look at possible additions to the Anfield coaching staff in the near future.  However, despite the possibility of a European trophy this season and the prospect of Champions League football next season, a familiar name has stated his intention of returning to the club. That name is Steven Gerrard.

In a recent question and answer session at the home of his current club, LA Galaxy, Gerrard spoke of his love for Liverpool and how he is missing being in the city. The former England international was keen to highlight how happy he is, playing in the MLS but how he would return to home “sooner rather than later” and how he is sure he will represent Liverpool again in the future.

It’s unclear exactly how soon Gerrard plans to return to Liverpool Football Club and on the face of it, fans would be delighted to see him given a role at the club. Earlier this year, the Anfield legend admitted he may consider coaching, when he retires from playing and this is perhaps where Gerrard is seeing his future at Liverpool. However, if things continue to prosper under Klopp and his coaching team, would the addition of Gerrard be a wise decision?

Towards the end of his playing career at Liverpool, there were a number of rumours in the media, regarding a fall-out between then manager, Brendan Rodgers and Gerrard. In television interviews, the player seemed to be saying something completely different to his manager.  Whereas Rodgers was keen to find positives from disappointing results, Gerrard went the opposite way and spoke about how performances were not good enough.  There was clearly something going on behind the scenes and Gerrard, who doubtlessly commands respect and influence at Liverpool, was not afraid to speak his mind. Even if it undermined the views of his manager.

Even after he left the club, Gerrard spoke out about Rodger’s decision to let some of his staff go and how he was waiting with interest, to hear the reasons why in the managers press conference. It goes without saying, Gerrard is welcome to comment about any topic he likes and he has gone nowhere near the extent that Paul Scholes has, when criticising Manchester United under Louis van Gaal. Furthermore, Gerrard has not spoken negatively about Klopp, so on that basis, there is no reason why he should not be welcomed back to the club.

That being said, would a man of such influence at Liverpool, be a good addition, at a time when things appear to be going very much in the right direction?  Who knows, Gerrard may not want to return for another 3 or 4 years but from his comments, it seems as though he will be looking for a return to Liverpool very soon. It will be interesting to see just what role, if any, he is given at the club.

Gerrard’s name is still being sung in almost every Liverpool game. Watch the legend, Steven Gerrard in action for Liverpool below.

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